Our Network

Network Facilities

MAW Communications owns and operates its private fiber networks in Berks County and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The Berks network spans the Greater Reading area with a fiber-rich backbone, central offices neighboring Verizon in downtown Reading, and a point of presence in the Directlink Technologies data center. The Lancaster network provides nearly complete backbone coverage within the City of Lancaster, with a redundant ring and multiple switching sites. We specialize in last mile connectivity, leveraging our existing plant and planned network extensions to deliver service to our customers.

Network Capabilities

Our Berks and Lancaster networks provide both dark and lit fiber solutions to carriers, local governments, businesses, and residential properties. Both regions are fed by diverse upstream internet circuits to ensure reliable, redundant connectivity.

We operate our own data center at our Reading Central Office, where we perform peering and multihoming with multiple upstream providers, including Zayo and KINBER.

MAW’s Autonomous Systems Number (ASN) is 22500.