MAW Communications Files FCC Complaint Against PPL

Reading, Pennsylvania⏤Over the last 15 months, MAW has been denied access to our network that utilizes PPL pole attachments. This has resulted in LanCity Connect, PA’s first community broadband initiative, to halt deployment. MAW has also not been able to expand our network anywhere in PPL’s territory, which stretches across eastern and central PA.

To date, PPL has removed over 100 service drop connections made by MAW resulting in the loss of over 70 customers’ internet service. PPL has refused to process any of MAW’s attachment applications. Consequently, we have been prevented from restoring service to these customers. MAW has also been denied access to our network to resolve service outages that require access to our aerial network. Consequently, this has resulted in even more of MAW’s customers being forced to find other providers. Many of them indicated they are now paying higher monthly premiums for less bandwidth.

Without internet access, our customers are unable to work from home, access healthcare, education, banking, job search engines, and many other vital services. We believe for many, internet access has become just as important as power. We also believe broadband access to the internet is a vital utility of today and tomorrow. Therefore, we are dedicated to continue to fight for Lancastrians’, Pennsylvanians’ and Americans’ right to Broadband Internet access that’s affordable, reliable and that can meet the demand for bandwidth as it continues to grow exponentially.

On February 15th, 2019, MAW Communications, being a Pennsylvania Public Utility with a Certificate of Public Convenience to access the public rights of way, filed a Denial of Access Complaint against PPL with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). All Denial of Access Complaints have a 180-day maximum time period to resolution. Therefore, our complaint should be resolved within 180 days following our filing of the complaint.

To view the filed complaint and accompanying documents, please see the following link.

For some background information, please see the following link.

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