MAW Fiber coming to West Reading!


Reading, Pennsylvania – MAW Communications is pleased to announce that we will begin offering our MAW Fiber Internet service throughout the West Reading Borough, bringing symmetrical gigabit-capable speeds, powerful Wi-Fi with managed service options, and a commitment to no data caps, filters, or throttling of the connection.

This announcement establishes the beginning of the MAW Fiber roll-out throughout our Greater Reading network. Our mission is to offer the best community broadband internet available, as a service that is as affordable and reliable as possible.

Deployment of MAW Fiber will occur in phases, which we will continue to announce and provide updates on through our blog and social media. Phase One of the deployment will open up in the next few weeks, which covers nearly 250 properties and 450 serviceable units. Timelines for future deployment are not yet available at this point, but estimates will begin shortly based on customer demand.

All homes and businesses in the borough that want to ensure their property is fiber-ready can begin signing up immediately. Once registered, our support team will create their account and begin updating them on the construction progress in their neighborhood.

When construction reaches a neighborhood, all included properties will receive a MAW Fiber Ready door hanger, as well as direct updates if they’ve already pre-registered. Our crews will be preparing fiber service drops for all properties, which will be attached to the building’s exterior with no cost to the property owner and without any obligation to sign up for service. Property owners that do not wish to upgrade their building with the potential for fiber internet may opt-out, however the cost to connect in the future may be higher.

To learn more about the MAW Fiber service, including pricing and the installation process, click here.

Now more than ever, our communities need affordable and reliable high-speed Internet service for telework, telehealth, and remote learning. MAW Communications is a leader in the development of community broadband in Pennsylvania, and is proud to begin offering its broadband services to better meet these needs in Berks County, where it is headquartered.