Property Access Agreements

It’s no secret that superfast Internet and Wi-Fi services are some of the most important amenities for property owners seeking to attract and retain tenants for their residential and commercial buildings. Having fiber-based service to your building will help make your units as competitive as possible, and MAW is ready to help upgrade your property by connecting it to our network.

If our network can reach your building, we’ll bring service into it and work with you to make it available to every unit, at little to no cost to you. All that is needed to get started is to sign a property access agreement, which gives MAW permission to install network facilities on your property and routinely access it to install and maintain services for your tenants.

If this sounds like a great deal, contact us today and we’ll start with a service delivery survey to confirm that we can reach your property. If you’re interested in bulk service or marketing agreements, as well as building-wide Wi-Fi solutions, we can offer you options there, as well.