Residential Fiber Internet

Residential Fiber Service Rates

Service OptionMonthly Price
Residential Fiber 50$30.00
Residential Fiber 100$89.99
Residential Fiber 300$99.99
Residential Fiber 1000$129.99
  • Service prices include all applicable fees. There are no hidden costs.
  • First month’s service will be prorated from service installation date, and billing will continue monthly afterwards.

Residential Fiber Service Summary

  • Services are based on best-effort symmetrical download and upload speeds, defined in megabits per second.
  • The one-time cost for the interior installation is $250.
  • Installation complete within four weeks of ordering if service is available at the address.
  • No data caps or port blocking. Use your network for your needs.
  • Includes one dynamically assigned public IPv4 address lease.

Residential Fiber Support Summary

  • Phone and email support during normal business hours.
  • “Best effort” service availability.
  • “Best effort” packet delivery.
  • “Best effort” latency minimization.
  • “Best effort” jitter minimization.
  • Mean-time-to-respond (MTTR) of 12 hours for outages (including nights and weekends).