About Us

MAW Communications

MAW Communications, Inc., a Pennsylvania Public Utility in its 23rd year in business, specializes in the provision of telecommunication services to educational institutions, local government and telecommunications carriers. MAW Communications is one of the oldest Competitive Local Exchange Carriers in the country, and its network is used to transport Cellular traffic for several of the largest carriers in the world.

Our fiber-optic network includes over 4,500 strand miles of fiber in Berks and Lancaster countries. MAW’s network is intrinsically designed to provide robust consistent Telecommunications Services. Every aspect of our network design and implementations are precisely engineered to provide extremely high quality and reliability. MAW’s network is designed to provide an up time of 99.99 percent or a maximum downtime of no more than five minutes per year.

MAW’s success is due to its commitment to integrity, engineering excellence, and client satisfaction. MAW’s facilities and electronic technology have intrinsic redundant features such as dual electronics at each location which are active spares to the currently running electronics. Our enclosures and our technology are designed to operate in any weather condition.

In addition to its institutional clients, MAW launched LanCity Connect in 2016, a unique Fiber-to-the-Premises community broadband solution for the residents, businesses and visitors of the City of Lancaster, PA.

MAW provides our clients with an enabling technology designed to keep pace with the ever-growing demand for speed and network reliability and security. Backed by our design expertise and proven ability to deliver, MAW Communications is uniquely positioned to provide a fiber rich network that offers virtually unlimited bandwidth at affordable rates to help our Clients meet their data transport needs today and well into the future!