West Reading Fiber Installs Start this Week

Construction will begin this week on the Phase One fiber route within West Reading borough. Our crew will be connecting each block to our network, and installing fiber service drops to everyone that has registered so far.

Several weeks ago, you may have received a door hanger with information about MAW Fiber internet and what we offer. If you did, and didn’t have a chance to respond yet, it’s not too late to register! We will be building out the network for at least the next few weeks, and are happy to add your property to our list.

For those that have registered, we will be in contact via email or phone to do a final verification of your information. This includes scheduling the interior installation for those also signed up for fiber internet service.

Expect a lot more details now that we’ve opened up the phase and are deploying. For people outside of Phase One, let us know you’re interested and that will help us select Phase Two!